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Storytelling connects us to life and each other, creating a bond that isn’t easily forgotten. It’s this need for connection and a bond that led us to choose the tagline, “Be Remembered”. As humans, one of our greatest desires is we yearn to be heard and to be remembered.

Stories play a large part in every culture. Traditionally, stories passed down orally and it wasn’t till much later they were written down. Think of the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey, and the English epic poem, Beowulf. The purpose of such stories was to explain the world around us. In a way, the stories of Gilgamesh, Beowulf and Odysseus are our stories. By connecting us to the past, our future becomes clear as we discover our own purpose in life. In ancient days, to be remembered meant you left painstakingly tangible evidence by writing on clay tablets, parchment, or carving it into stone.

What storytelling compels us to do is to remember those who have gone before us, remember those around us, and remember those who will yet come after us. It charges us to remember the most important things so we can pass those on to others, whether that be our customers, friends, or our children. We want to create those stories that help you be remembered. Everyone deserves to leave something behind that will benefit their customers, family, friends, and even the world.

Taking the Time to Build the Stories That Brought You Here

Everyone has a story to tell, whether personal or as an organization. That story can take many forms. It could be a blog, speech, book, or marketing copy for your company. As humans, one of our greatest desires is for connection — we yearn to be heard and to be remembered.

Today, it’s not so time-consuming to build something that will outlast structures. The eternal scramble to get people to buy, read, and increase in popularity has resulted in many people not taking the time to develop their content; that’s where we come in.



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The purpose of stories is to connect us to the past, discover our purpose in the present, and pass on wisdom to future generations

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As humans, one of our greatest desires is for connection–we yearn to be heard and to be remembered.

The Founder of Stitch Writing, Cody Jackson

Cody Jackson, Founder

As the Founder of Stitch Writing, I focus my efforts on helping our customers tell their story in addition to telling our own company story.

I’ve gained a strong foundation in marketing through working at MaritzCX. There I ran their blog and was team lead in publishing a book comprised of industry thought leadership.

In 2009 I won a national award at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

I love stories, both modern and ancient. In 2016 I had the opportunity to learn the stories of history and religion in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan at Brigham Young University’s Jerusalem Center. This has changed me as a person and I how I help others tell their stories. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, improving my copywriting and marketing skills and blogging.