Telling your story centers around people. So does our copywriting. People don’t like feeling like they are being advertised to. They need information that is informational, engaging, entertaining, and that will help them help themselves.

Content shouldn’t be created on a whim. There has to be thought and research done in order to understand the people and audience of your story. Additionally, it needs to support business goals, generate web traffic, and build your brand reputation.

How We Approach Copywriting

We achieve this high standard of writing first making sure we understand your audience. That means lots of research. We’ll make sure the whatever we write for you is well researched, providing the foundation for building brand authority. All of our writers have a background in creative writing, providing a unique insight into the way you tell your story.

Accounability is key. We are only as successful as your are. Therefore, communication is key. Our writing will appeal to both the layperson as well as the industry expert.

Our specialties include articles, website copy, landing pages, SEO optimized copy, speeches. Other types of writing that we offer include: social media posts, books, press releases, advertising, slogans, and ads.

Recurring Projects

This is for writing that needs to be done over an extended period of time. For example, writing SEO content for several pages on your website, or daily, weekly and monthly blog posts. Billing is 35/hour. We only charge for the time we’re working on research and writing — never for meetings or consultations with you. This price includes unlimited revisions.

A La Carte

This is for one-time needs only: SEO landing pages, blog/social media posts, articles, etc… Pricing is 25 cents per word. This includes a first, second, and final draft (2 rounds of revisions). The final price is based on the word count of the final product. Any additional revisions will be billed at our hourly rate.

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