Stitch Writing is 1 Year Old!

On October 15, Stitch Writing had its first birthday. Thinking back to one year ago when I started this company, a lot has changed. I wanted to share some of the things that we’ve been able to accomplish since we began.

Some of our big accomplishments in our first year

  • Published 3 e-books

  • Expanded our business to include search engine optimization

  • Hosted over 225 hours of writing workshops

  • Edited 1 book

  • Wrote the copy for 1 B2B website

  • Optimized 2 websites for search engines

What I’ve Learned in the First Year

Starting a business is scary. You have hopes and dreams that it will all work out but you’re taking a big leap of faith when you begin. I’ve heard it described as jumping off a cliff and hoping to make an airplane before you hit the ground. At times, it sure seemed like that.

The first few months were extremely work heavy. I was filling out legal paperwork, building my website, getting social media accounts set up, and advertising. I often joked with my wife that I was putting in 10+ hour days but only getting paid for half of them. It’s tiring, but thrilling.

Once the website was done, all the paperwork filled out, and I was in the groove of doing business, I felt good. You know, a lot of the scariness of starting your own business is just the starting part. When that is past, it’s just fun. You get to choose how much or how little your work on things, your hours, and your prices. I was teaching, doing some copywriting and thinking about expanding.

When I expanded, the cycle of thrills started again. I introduced search engine optimization as part of my offering. It fits nicely with my copywriting offer and it is a natural expansion. I blogged about search engine optimization the entire month of launch. Eventually, those blogs, and a few others, became The Stitched Up Guide to Search Engine Optimization.

The Coming Year With Stitch Writing

After blogging every week for nearly a year, I built up a decent amount of content around my offerings. Along with The Stitched Up Guide to Search Engine Optimization, I published two other ebooks. I have plans for at least another two ebooks. I’m at the point where I can focus on bigger projects. Now that I have the resources I want on my website, I can focus on getting more clients, hosting webinars, and a few other projects I have in mind. I believe this year we’ll see more a continuation of blogs, ebooks, and other types of content. We’ll also be consulting on website design and building. So be sure and stick around! Good things ahead!

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