Few things bring us more joy than seeing others succeed—that’s why we set out to help others improve their storytelling capabilities. Be it old or young, we’ll tutor you in various mediums. Research papers, essays, creative, or business writing; we can do it all. Our tutoring is ideal for all ages and walks of life. We have three different options to pick from, each one at $25/hour:

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Institute for Excellence in Writing

The Institute for Excellence in Writing is a high caliber writing program designed to develop writing skills in a fun and easy way. Students that desire to go through this program can choose between Ancient History (Grades 3-8), U.S. History (Grades 3-12), and Medieval History (Grades 6-8) as a context for learning to write. This program is perfect for homeschool students and anyone else just starting to learn to write.

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Program Already in Place

This is specifically for those that already have a writing program in place and simply would like an experienced writer to aid them. Whether that is a homeschool program or completing school assignments, we’ll work with your needs to help you succeed in any setting.

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Custom Made

This program is for those that either want to develop a particular type of writing/skill or that want to improve their writing generally. We will work with the student and/or parents to develop a custom-made program.

For those that want to develop their skills generally, this program focuses on short essays and the principles of structure, logic, and flow as the foundations for writing. Once students gain experience in short essays, they will move on to research papers, creative writing, or any other writing they or their parents show an interest in. Additionally, students will be able to edit their papers and learn to gather and institute feedback from peers.


“Cody does a phenomenal job at teaching writing! He taught my two middle-school aged sons how to write a solid five paragraph essay AND research papers. If you are looking for someone who will work well with your kids, this is the person.”

Cassie D, Utah

“It was such a pleasure having Cody Jackson at Stitch Writing tutor two of our kids in creative writing.  Cody created a fun learning environment for them to explore their writing skills.  Our kids began to LOVE writing and improved significantly in their content, grammar, and mechanics of writing. I would highly recommend Stitch Writing to other students looking to improve their writing skills.”

Brooke R, United Kingdom

“Cody worked with my two sons ages 9 and 12 over a four month period assisting them with their homeschooling while I was working a full-time assignment.  My sons loved Cody and looked forward to their time with him.  I would leave assignments and projects for them to complete and Cody would ensure that they would stay on task, teach them the concepts outlined, and assist them when questions arose. I was completely comfortable leaving my children’s education in his care during this period, and I feel that they thrived with his help.  I would definitely recommend Cody’s services in tutoring and working with a variety of ages.”

Carol C, Utah